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Passionate. If there is one word I could use to describe myself, it would be passionate. Music, health, and family are things that I love the most. My goal is to use every bit of my God-given abilities to assist people in reaching their greatest potential.

I also believe in excellence. My love of music began as a child. Piano lessons began at 7 years-old and I continued my musical education after high school by obtaining both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Performace, with a special focus in Opera.  Vocal instruction is a great love of mine, as well. I'm a Zumba® Fitness instructor and also love teaching people about health and wellness. My husband, my daughter, and I live in sunny Florida.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope to connect with you soon!
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Looking for something to do WITH your kids? Join us for a fun and energetic music class! All ages are welcome - and dads too. You and your children will enjoy a variety of music ranging from classical pieces to the Latin/World rhythms of Zumba Fitness (Kid-friendly, of course) to children's songs, and even some easy sign language. Bring your sneakers, water, and your dancing feet. Please arrive a few minutes early, as we will begin on time. I'd love to get a chance to meet you personally before class. See you soon! Viva la musica!
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Wow! The girls killed it at class today. Thank you Devon for organizing such a great activity for our little ones. Your energy and enthusiasm continue to amaze me!I can not say enough good things about this class. You are so amazing with kids and people. You have so much energy and use music and dance in a beautiful way. I think this is totally your calling girl. I knew you would be great but you totally exceeded my expectations. ♡♡ Spencer and I had a blast.Thank you Devon. We had a blast. That was the best mommy and me class that we have ever been to and we have been to a lot. You did an amazing job and we can't wait for the next one.
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I attended my very first Zumba® Fitness class on a night out with friends. Can you believe I had never even heard of Zumba® before? The ladies told me I was in for a fun night and that I would get a great workout. I fell in love with the Latin rhythms, joy, and laughter amongst friends. Just a few months later, in August of 2010, I became a ZIN instructor!

Teaching Zumba® Fitness classes keeps me fit and gives me an amazing hour to connect with and inspire others to dance freely.
· · · VOCAL COACHING · · ·

I am pleased to be able to share my love of music with you and am committed to seeing you grow into an excellent and expressive musician. I provide a solid foundation in vocal technique and musicianship that empowers students to explore any kind of music. Sparking the imagination of students, and providing them with the tools to realize their highest potential is the basis of my teaching.

1/2 Hour Lessons - $50
1 Hour Lessons - $75

Call Now: 602-614-3530

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Ready to take your praise team to the next level? Bringing the congregation into the presence of the Lord is not a matter to be taken lightly.

"Sing unto him a new song. Play skillfully with a loud noise."
~ Psalm 33:3

The more skill you have in an area, the more confidence you have, which allows you the freedom to sing without hinderance. Proper training will help you better express the heart of worship to your audience.

Small Praise Team
4 week program
1 hour class each week
during your normal rehearsal time.

Large Choirs
8 week program
1 hour class each week
during your normal rehearsal time.

Call Now: 602-614-3530
· · · HEALTH & FITNESS · · ·
In 2008, after seeing so many people struggle with health and weight issues, my husband Oliver and I began a health and wellness program called “A Healthy New Me”. Since then, it has been a journey filled with many years of research, application, experience, interviews, observation, and trials. We have created the "Healthy Sense 21-Day Challenge" to help those who are serious about losing weight and getting their health back on track. You can CLICK HERE for more info.
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